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Agnes von Brandenburg

Født 29 SEP 1257 Brandenburg,
Død 29 SEP 1304 Ringsted
29 SEP 1257
ca. Wittenburg
ca. Aschersleben, Saxony-Anhalt,
19 JUL 1206
Wien, Østrig
Vienna, Austria, Wien, Österreich
ca. Bursa, Turkey
Vielse 11 NOV 1273 Schleswig,
Fødsel 29 SEP 1257 Brandenburg,
Død 29 SEP 1304 Ringsted
Fra Geni:

Dronning Agnes von Brandenburg, Dronning af Danmark, Gräfin von Holstein-Plön

Også kendt som: 'Gräfin von Holstein-Plön'
Beskæftigelse Hertuginne av Brandenburg, Queen of Denmark, Drottnoing i Danmark och regent 1286-93

About Dronning Agnes von Brandenburg, Dronning af Danmark, Gräfin von Holstein-Plön
The Peerage
Agnes of Brandenburg (c. 1257 – 29 September 1304) was a Danish Queen consort, spouse of King Eric V of Denmark. As a widow, she served as the regent of Denmark for her son Eric during his minority from 1286 until 1293. Born to margrave John I of Brandenburg (d. 1266) and Brigitte of Saxony. Married in 11 November 1273 to King Eric of Denmark at Schleswig. The marriage was probably agreed upon during Eric's captivity in Brandenburg in the 1260s. Tradition claims that Eric was released from captivity on his promise to marry Agnes without a dowry. Denmark and Brandenburg, however, had a long tradition of dynastic marriages between them. In 1286, she became a Queen dowager and the Regent of Denmark during the minority of her son. The details of her regency are not known more closely, and it is hard to determine which of the decisions were made by her, and which was made by the council. Peder Nielsen Hoseøl was also very influential in the regency, and she is likely to have received support from her family. In 1290, she financed a granted lime painting in the church St. Bendt's Church in Ringsted, which depicts her in a dominating way. Her son was declared of legal majority in 1293, thus ending her formal regency. Married in 1293 to count Gerhard II of Holstein-Plön (d. 1312) with whom she had the son John III, Count of Holstein-Plön. She often visited Denmark also after her second marriage, and it continued to be a second home. She died in 29 September 1304, and was buried in Denmark
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Fra Wiki:

Agnes af Brandenburg (1257 – 29. september 1304) var datter af Johan 1. af Brandenburg og Jutta af Sachsen og blev i 1273 gift med Erik Klipping.