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Christian Jakobsen Grundal

Født 23 Sep 1861 Balle sogn, Hids herred, Viborg Amt, Denmark
Død 20 Dec 1920 California, USA
23 Sep 1861
Balle sogn, Hids herred, Viborg Amt, Denmark
16 Jun 1831
Hjarup sogn, Anst herred, Ribe amt
10 Jul 1796
Vonsild sogn, Nørre Tyrstrup herred, Vejle amt
19 Jan 1768
Vonsild sogn, Nørre Tyrstrup herred, Vejle amt
30 Aug 1770
Vonsild sogn, Nørre Tyrstrup herred, Vejle amt
16 Feb 1829
Ejstrup sogn, Vrads herred, Skanderborg amt
Ejstrup sogn, Vrads herred, Skanderborg amt
Ejstrup sogn, Vrads herred, Skanderborg amt
Familie med Ane Marie Nielsen
Burton Myers Grundell 12 Oct 1894 Sankt Bernadino, Californien
Hannah E. Grundell 10 Oct 1897 California, USA
Vielse 2 Sep 1893 San Bernadino, California
Fødsel 23 Sep 1861 Balle sogn, Hids herred, Viborg Amt, Denmark
Balle 1846-1863 folie 45
Dåb 12 Mar 1862 Hjemmedøbt
Konfirmation 3 Oct 1875 Ejstrup Kirke, Vrads herred, Skanderborg amt
Nørre Snede 1868-1880
Folketælling 1880 Skanderborg, Vrads, Ejstrup, Gludsted By, Hus, 3,
Karen Marie Nielsen 56 Gift Husmoder Ejstrup Sogn
Ane Pedersen 17 Ugift Datter Ejstrup Sogn
Ane Marie Pedersen 14 Ugift Datter Ejstrup Sogn
Jens Sine Pedersen 12 Ugift Datter Ejstrup Sogn
Jens Christian Jensen 13 Ugift Søn Ejstrup Sogn
Lovise Pedersen 6 Ugift Datter Ejstrup Sogn
Lars Christian Pedersen 3 Ugift Søn Ejstrup Sogn
Christian Jakobsen Grøndal 18 Ugift Tjenestekarl Ejstrup S ogn
Død 20 Dec 1920 California, USA
Udrejst til Amerika. Ankomst New York 12 april 1882 med s s Cimbria fra Hamburg og Havre. Rejste med sin søster Jette.

Departure Date: 29 Mrz 1882 (29 Mar 1882)
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1862
Age: 20
Gender: männlich (Male)
Residence: Glustadt, Dänemark (Denmark)
Occupation: Landmann
Ship Name: Cimbria
Captain: Ludwig
Shipping Line: Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Actien-Ges ellschaft
Shipping Clerk: Aug. Bolten Wm. Miller`s Nachfolger
Ship Type: Dampfschiff
Accommodation: Zwischendeck
Ship Flag: Deutschland
Port of Departure: Hamburg
Port of Arrival: New York
Volume: 373-7 I, VIII A 1 Band 043 C
Page: 427
Microfilm Roll Number: K_1727

Melanie Lovett: Hello Carsten, the information for Christia n' and Ana's work and other clues came directly from the 19 10 and 1920 Census documents. Open the photos from the earl ier posts on this thread and read across the lines for eac h person. The headings may be hard to read, so you may wan t copies of the original blank forms that are clear. If yo u would send me your email address, I can send you copies o f everything I have found so far. I will also create a pag e to show you how I broke down the information from the cen sus. The blank census forms I have are pdf files and I can' t download them here.
26. august kl. 22:40

Colete Morlock The 1920 Census shows Chris was a carpente r for a car shop, sons Julius and Burton were machinists an d since Burton had his own shop, it's safe to assume that J ulius worked there as well.

26. august kl. 22:45
Colete Morlock On the 1910 Census, Christian was a carpente r for the railroad, his wife was the proprietor of a roomin g house. This could mean that they lived in that same build ing, but she ran the day-to-day activities for it. Julius i s not on this one and Burton is 15. There is a daughter, Ha nnah, age 13.

nna: 1900 Census, Christian and Anna live in Perris,Califor nia (near San Bernardino) with Anna's four children from he r previous marriage to a man by the last name of Nelson. Ch ristian works for the railroad and Anna's brother Niel. 191 0 Census '96 San Bernardino Township, San Bernardino County , California, USA Christian is working as a carpenter for t he railroad and Anna is a proprietor, running a boarding ho use from their home. Anna's children from a previous marria ge, Nels and Christie Nelson also live with Christian and A nna. There are three boarders listed as residents in the ho me. Christian became a Naturalized American Citizen and the re should be documents recorded for the state he was livin g in at the time he applied. There will be a set of 'Firs t Papers' stating an intent to become a U.S. Citizen and th en a final document about 5-6 years later. Anna had becom e an Naturalized U.S. Citizen by 1920. There seems to b e a lot of documentation for this family and I would be hap py to help you in any way I can. I will attach photo copie s of the three census documents in case you do not have the se images yet. This is the 1900 Census. I have not yet foun d the correct 1930 or 1940 Census.

Melanie Lovett: Yes Colette, Annie ran the boarding house f rom their residence. If you look again at the 1910 Census , you will see 'E' Street in the left margin, then the numb er 242. This is the address of their home - 242 E Street, S an Bernardino, California. The numbers 28 and 30 represen t the sequence order and family of the home that was visite d. Christian was the 30th family visited for this census ta ker and the H next to his relation as Head of Household ind icates he was the person to give the information. Colum 8 i ndicates a first marriage for Christian and a second marria ge for Annie. Column 10 shows that Annie had 5 chidren an d the names on lines 5 and 6 are children of her previous m arriage. Chris is listed as a Carpenter and Nels as a Black smith for the Railroad. Everyone listed from line 1 throug h line 9 lived in Christian's home. Keep in mind as you loo k at U.S. Census documents, that not all Census takers reme mbered to fill in this information. They were largely citiz ens from each community or region who volunteered to help w ith this information. There was usually very little trainin g, and often names were misspelled or misunderstood. Someti mes the person giving the information for the household wol d mix up facts. There is a lot of information here, includi ng the fact that Nels is married but his wife was not livin g in the home at the time of the census so she was not incl uded. Hopefully this will help others on this website to un derstand how to read these documents and put together the s tory of who their family members were.