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John Carl Anfinsen

Født 5 Jun 1962 Grand Prairie, Alberta
Død 12 Jun 1962 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
5 Jun 1962
Grand Prairie, Alberta
1 Apr 1931
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
14 Jan 1902
Gullev By, Gullev sogn, Houlbjerg herred, Viborg amt
6 Sep 1902
Kjerhus, in Silkeborg Vesterskov, Virklund, Them sogn, Vrads herred, Skanderborg amt
23 Oct 1871
Grædstrup sogn, Tyrsting herred, Skanderborg amt
11 Aug 1880
Nørre-Snede sogn, Vrads herred, Skanderborg amt
Fødsel 5 Jun 1962 Grand Prairie, Alberta
Email Ruth (Pedersen) Irgens
Død 12 Jun 1962 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Email Ruth (Pedersen) Irgens
Begravelse 15 Jun 1962 Valhalla Centre, Alberta
Email Ruth (Pedersen) Irgens
Dåb 8 Jun 1962 Royal Alexandra Hospital, Edmonton, Alberta
Email Ruth (Pedersen) Irgens
, before a blood exchange was done at the hospital.
In 2010, John Carl's mother wrote: 'John Carl was born o n June 5th and we took him to Edmonton on the 8th and Art b aptized him that night before he had the blood exchange. I f I remember rignt they did 2 exchanges in a effort to brin g his bilirubin down but it was too late. A blood exchang e is done for a blood incompatability but since Art and I w ere both O pos there was no suspicion of a Rh incompatabili ty. The doctor was hardly to be blamed. Normally when the y test for the Rh factor they test for The capital D in th e Rh. There are three parts to the Rh factor cDe. Fo r most people the c and e never enter the picture, and th e lab in Grande Prairie had no capacity to test for the c a nd e part of the Rh. It turned out that we had an anti lit tle 'c' reaction. And this caused John Carl's blood to brea k down. Ours was a 1 in10,000 problem. In fact one of th e doctors in the Royal Alexandra was so interested in my bl ood that he took a good bit of it to study. I never was aw are that I made a momentous contibution to science but I fo und that my breastmilk didn't come in very well and the obt etrician sent Mary home on a bottle and formula.'