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Adolph Olivius Binderup

Født 8 Aug 1830
Død 11 Nov 1916 Kjellerup, Hørup Sogn, Lysgård, Viborg
8 Aug 1830
6 Aug 1798
As(sens), Bjerre, Vejle
Kolding, Brusk, Vejle
Harte Sogn, Brusk Herred
14 Jan 1752
Brandenburg, Brandenburg, Tyskland
Familie med Marie Jung
Begravelse Hørup Kirke, Hørup Sogn, Lysgård, Viborg
Fødsel 8 Aug 1830
Dåb 17 Sep 1830 Garnisons Sogn, Sokkelund, København
Vielse/Ægteskab 26 Oct 1854 Thorning Sogn, Lysgård, Viborg
Beskæftigelse/Erhverv/Embede 1861
Ejendom 1872
Udvandring 1873
Indvandring Abt 1876
Død 11 Nov 1916 Kjellerup, Hørup Sogn, Lysgård, Viborg
Adolph Olivius Binderup
Contributed By Summers, Misty Errin · 2013-07-14 02:06:54 GMT+0000 (UTC) ·

This is from a letter written to Adolph's granddaughter Catherine-daughter of Walter Binderup. Adolf was born in Copenhagen, August 8, 1830 and christened Sept. 17 in Garnisonskirken. the writer of the letter visited this pretty little church when she was there and talked to the warden who showed her the book in which the christening was recorded in very elegant handwriting. He was the son of Niels Juel Binderup and Augusta Henriette Pengel. At the time Niels Juel Binderup was the governor of the royal Hospital, Frederikshospitalet in Copenhagen. This building is no longer there, according to the church warden. In 1832 April 4 Neils Juel and his wife got a son, Gustav Charles Eduard Binderup. He became a farmer at Hastings in Nebraska, but went home to Denmark with his brother. They both died in Kellerup in Horup Parrish.

In 1845 Niels Juel owned a very big farm, Juelsberg, in the parrish of Hornstrup near Vejle. He was a proprietor. In the 1840's he owned several farms, Urskov, where he died in 1849, lying in the parrish of Torring, already known as a farm in the 15th century also Sophieminde at Vejle and Thorasminde at Vejle. They were sold in the 1920's and a large apartment house project which was built on the land of Thorasminde is still called by that name. His wife Augusta Henriette, died March 20, 1855 age 49 at Thorasminde. When Niels Juel Binderup died he was a war commissary and a fire director. On October 26 1854 Adolf Olivius Binderup was married in the church of Torning (near Viborg) to Thora Christine Laurette Kaaes. She was born March 6, 1819 in Holstebro, but at the time of her marriage her father was the owner of Nederkjaersholm. She was a widow from her first husband, the proprietor Carl Frederick Bernhard von Kaaes. He was the owner of Over-kjaersholm. Over- and Neder-Kjaersholm had been a big estate in 1664 named Kjaersholm, but it was later divided into two.

At his marriage Adolf Olivius became the owner of Over-Kjaersholm. In 1875 He sold it and went to America. Adolf died November 11, 1916 at Kjellerup and was buried at the churchyard of Horup. He married a second time to Laurine Wilhelmina Christine Waad. His brother Gustav Charles Eduard died April 18, 1909 at Kellerup and was buried April 24 at the churchyard in Horup. He had married Dorothea Givskov, who died at Hastings, Nebraska in 1896.

Niels Juel also had a son Verner Georg Eggert Binderup, born about 1827. He was married April 23, 1856 in Vejle and was at that time living in Gladsaxe on Sjaelland.

The name Binderup means- Beinis torp- Benedikts torp. Torp= a piece of earth, the name means the ground belonging to Benedikt.

The children of Adolf Olivius' first marriage:
August Henrik Binderup born January 9, 1856 at Overkjaersholm
Henrik Amalius Wolfgang Binderup born November 4, 1857 Overkjaersholm
Carl Frederick Bernhard Binderup birthdate unknown

His first wife died July 11, 1861 He brought the boys, all grown, with him to America along with Walter Binderup and his younger brother, both toddlers.