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Deborah Ann Tallinger Allen

Dollie Earle , Deb Allen
Født 22 Mar 1875 Rochester, Monroe County, New York, USA
Død 27 Dec 1902 Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA
22 Mar 1875
Rochester, Monroe County, New York, USA
New York, USA
6 Feb 1845
Rochester, Monroe County, New York, USA
28 Aug 1806
Baden-Baden, Stadtkreis Baden-Baden, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
13 Apr 1816
Albany County, New York, USA
19 Jan 1780
Albany County, New York, USA
Familie med Frank C. Bauerschmidt
Familie med Stephen Nolan
Vielse Abt 1890 Dallas, Texas, USA
Begravelse Mount Hope Cemetery, Rochester, Monroe County, New York, USA
Fødsel 22 Mar 1875 Rochester, Monroe County, New York, USA
Vielse/Ægteskab Abt 1890 Dallas, Texas, USA
Død 27 Dec 1902 Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA
Extended bio and obituary from:
The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle
December 31, 1902



Tomorrow the body of Deborah Ann TALLINGER ALLEN, or Dollie EARLE, the actress who committed suicide at the Trocadero Theater in Philadelphia on Saturday, will be buried from the home of her brother, John S. ALLEN, No. 601 Clifford street. The funeral will be held at 2 o'clock and only the immediate family and close friends will attend. Her only near relatives outside of the city are her mother, step-father and a brother in Ingersoll, Oklahoma, and a brother in Durand, Indian Territory. These have been notified by telegram, but it is doubtful if they can be present.
The career of 'Little Deb ALLEN,' as she was known to her family and friends here, or Dollie EARLE, to use her stage name, has been that of many another impetuous, self-willed, ambitious girl. Her mother, whose maiden name was Deborah YAWMAN, was the adopted daughter of Godfried TALLINGER. Thirty years ago, when Rochester was a smaller town than it is to-day, the TALLINGERS owned a millinery store in the building next to what was then Powers Hotel. They did a flourishing business for many years and lived in the old TALLINGER homestead at No. 25 Alexander street. Here Deborah YAWMAN, or TALLINGER, married Albert S. ALLEN, and on March 22, 1875, Deborah A. T. ALLEN, or Dollie EARLE, was born. She spent her school days in No. 15 school near the home of her grandfather, Godfried TALLINGER, and by her cheery ways won her way to the old man's heart to such an extent that at his death he left her a legacy of $8,000, the income of which she had the life use of. James S. FAHY was appointed as her guardian.
When about 15 years of age she made a trip to Texas and meeting Stephen NOLAN in Dallas, she married him there in her happy-go-lucky way. Thus married in haste she repented at leisure. She quarreled violently with her husband and about the year 1897 they decided to call their matrimonial venture a failure. She came North, where she soon married Frank C. BAUERSCHMIDT. But still the bonds of matrimony chaffed.
For some time the couple ran a resort at Charlotte and while doing fairly well financially they were not happy. This state of affairs ended in an unsuccessful attempt at murder and suicide on the part of the wife. The couple then moved to New York city, and from this date Dollie EARLE'S professional life begins. For the past two or three years she has been traveling with theatrical companies all over the country.
From early childhood she had a clear and pleasing contralto voice which was ever in demand at charity concerts and in the homes of her friends. When practically deserted by her husband, who is now dying of consumption in New York, she fell back on her musical ability and vivacious manner, both of which quickly secured her a place upon the stage, although in a humble position. It was the fact that she was still at the lower rungs of the ladder without any apparent chance of advancement, that undoubtedly led to her drinking carbolic acid in her dressing room at the Trocadero Theater last Saturday just before the curtain went up.
On November 3d last she held a prominent position with the 'Budd Bruce Show Troupe,' then showing in the Odeon, at Baltimore. This company soon went to pieces and she joined the 'Runaway Girl' company, which became stranded in Philadelphia about two weeks ago. Discouraged but not entirely disheartened, she secured a position with the 'Merry Widows' company, then playing in Philadelphia at the Trocadero, and apparently became a contented member of the troupe. But an unsatisfied, apparently hopeless, ambition to be a dramatic star had been gnawing at her heart. And a pitiful little wreath, sent by two of the girls in the 'Merry Widows' company, is the only sign of affection that follows the end of a headstrong, much-checkered young life.
The trustee of Dollie EARLE'S estate is John TALLINGER, of No. 160 Conkey avenue, whose only relationship to the dead girl lies in the fact that Godfried TALLINGER was his great-uncle. He stated last evening, upon his return from Philadelphia, from where he had brought the body of the dead actress, that as she had had no children, her property will be divided equally among her three brothers.
She will be buried, despite her wish to be cremated, in the lot in Mount Hope cemetery left to her by Godfried TALLINGER.